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Welcome to Manna International Bible Institute, an online college committed to providing high-quality education while fostering strong student-teacher relationships. Our innovative online platform ensures an engaging classroom environment where meaningful interactions thrive.

Our classes are designed to help you build confidence in:
Our courses will deepen your understanding of God's Word while strengthening your faith and relationship with God.
Our programs provide valuable teachings and practical guidance on how to live as a citizen of God's Kingdom right here on Earth.
Discover how to apply biblical principles in your everyday life, navigate challenges with faith and integrity, and become a transformative influence in your community.
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How Are We Different From Other Bible Colleges?

At Manna International Bible Institute, we understand the importance of a supportive and interactive learning experience.

  • Robust Virtual Classroom
    Through Populi, our students benefit from a robust virtual classroom that enables real-time communication, collaboration, and personal connections with our dedicated faculty.
  • Dynamic Learning Experiences
    You'll have access to intuitive course materials, discussion boards, live video lectures, and interactive assignments.
  • Good Support
    Our instructors are readily available to provide guidance, feedback, and one-on-one support, ensuring you receive the attention you deserve throughout your educational journey.
  • Strong Community
    Whether you're participating in group projects, engaging in lively class discussions, or seeking clarification on course concepts, our program empowers you to actively engage with your peers and instructors, building a strong community of learners.
  • Individual Growth
    At Manna International Bible Institute, we believe that strong student-teacher relationships are vital to your academic success. We prioritize your individual growth, ensuring that you receive the personalized attention and mentorship necessary to excel in your studies and beyond.
  • Convenient
    Online learning without compromising quality or connection! Embark on an educational journey that combines flexibility, interactive classrooms, and meaningful student-teacher relationships.
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